8 Top Free Things to Do in Zurich

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Zurich Free Things to Do

Zurich is a modern city and one of the main financial centers of Europe, with interesting sights and attractions, churches, world-class museums, international banks, and luxury stores.

In this article, you will discover the 8 Top Free Things to Do in Zurich to enjoy your stay inexpensively.

Free Things to Do in Zurich

1. Explore the Historic Center (Altstadt)

Explore the Historic Center (Altstadt)Photo Credit: Henrique Ferreira

Zurich‘s historic center is charming, with its inviting narrow streets, medieval houses, and Renaissance buildings.

The area is home to excellent options of restaurants, cafes, little shops, and also some of the city’s main tourist attractions.

Exploring the historic center and getting lost in its streets is, without a doubt, unmissable and free.

2. Walk along Bahnhofstrasse

Walk along BahnhofstrassePhoto Credit: Tomek Baginski

The Bahnhofstrasse is one of the most expensive streets in Europe, it starts at the train station and ends at Lake Zurich (Zürichsee).

The street houses brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, the department store Grieder Zurich, and the famous café Confiserie Sprüngli.

3. Enjoy the View from Lindenhof Hill

Enjoy the View of Zurich from Lindenhof HillPhoto Credit: Louis Droege

Lindenhof Hill, a small hill in the historic center, is a must-stop to enjoy the view from the top of some of the city’s main sights and guarantee beautiful photos.

The area is wooded and has benches and a fountain.

4. Stroll Along the Limmatquai

Strolling Along the LimmatquaiPhoto Credit: Ruth Georgiev

The Limmatquai is a street beside the Limmat River, known for housing old houses, restaurants, stores, and the city hall building (Zürich Rathaus).

Along the river, you will find some steps, where you can sit and relax.

5. Admire the View of the Lake and the Alps

Admire the View of the Lake and the AlpsPhoto Credit: Louis Droege

The scenery of the Zürichsee and the Alps is simply spectacular, and all this beauty can be admired from various points in the city.

6. Visit the exhibition “Simple Zurich” at the Landesmuseum

Visit the exhibition "Simple Zurich" at the LandesmuseumPhoto Credit: Domenico Loia

The Landesmuseum is one of Zurich‘s main museums, and the permanent exhibition “Simple Zurich” is free. The exhibition presents the long and troubled history of the city.

The exhibition ticket must be picked up at the museum’s “Welcome Desk“.

7. Participate in a Free Walking Tour

Participate in a Free Walking TourPhoto Credit: Ruth Georgiev

Participating in a Free Walking Tour is a great way to discover the history and meet new people.

On the Freewalk.ch website, you will find some free tour options such as “Downtown Zurich Tour“, “Street Art Tour“, “Bank Tour” and others.

8. Have a Picnic

Have a PicnicPhoto Credit: Evangeline Silina

Relaxing in a park and having a picnic is a great way to save on food.

Take the opportunity to stop at a supermarket and buy some Swiss goodies like chocolates and cheese.

List of Top Attractions and Free Things to Do in Zurich

  1. Historical Center
  2. Bahnhofstrasse
  3. Lindenhof Hill
  4. Limmatquai
  5. Simple Zurich” exhibition at the Landesmuseum
  6. Walking Tour

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Top Paid Tours from Zurich

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