Supermarkets in Buenos Aires: What to Buy and Prices

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Supermarkets in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has supermarket chains, small neighborhood supermarkets (often called “Chinos“), and also the famous Kioscos.

And visiting a supermarket is always a great experience to find out about the local culture.

Supermarkets in Buenos Aires

1. Disco


Disco is an Argentinean supermarket chain founded in 1961 in San IsidroBuenos Aires.

The chain has approximately 76 stores, located mainly in the provinces of Buenos AiresCórboba, and Santa Fe.


2. Carrefour


Carrefour is a French multinational specializing in retail and has a strong presence in Argentina.

The first store in Argentina was opened in 1982, and today it has several stores throughout the country.


3. Coto

Supermarket PhotoPhoto Credit:  Eduardo Soares

Founded in 1970 in the Boedo neighborhood of Buenos Aires by a Spanish immigrant, the Coto supermarket chain operates more than 95 supermarkets in the country.


4. Jumbo


Jumbo is a Chilean chain of hypermarkets operating in ChileArgentina, and Colombia.

In Argentina, the company has units in Buenos Aires, and also in cities such as Mendoza and Santa Fe.


5. DIA


DIA is a discount supermarket chain founded in 1979 in Spain, and today it has several units, including stores in Argentina.


6. Kioscos

KioscosPhoto Credit: Miguel Castellanos

Kioscos are small places scattered around the city where you can buy goodies such as alfajores, chocolates, sandwiches, drinks, and other products.

What to Buy in the Supermarket in Buenos Aires

1. Wines

What to buy in Buenos AiresZuccardiValleDeUco

Argentina is home to some of the best wineries in the world, and Argentine wine is a must-have item on your list, whether you want to bring some back home or taste it in your hotel room or rental apartment.

How Much It Costs: Starting at 157.90 Argentine pesos ($0,77).

2. Alfajores


The alfajor is another Argentine classic, and in the supermarkets, you will find numerous brands.

How Much It Costs: From 49.85 Argentine pesos ($0,24) a unit, and 385.20 Argentine pesos ($1,88) a box with 6 units.

3. Dulce de Leche

Dulce de LechePhoto Credit: Oriol Portell

Dulce de Leche is another treat you must try in Argentina. Besides the pure dulce de leche, it is also possible to find several products such as cookies, ice cream, and alfajores with this delicacy as an ingredient.

How Much It Costs: From 65.40 Argentine pesos a pot ($0,32).

4. Galletitas

GalletitasFoto por Nelly Antoniadou

Galletitas or cookies are another item that you should include in your shopping list at the Argentine supermarket, you will find several brands with various types of fillings.

How Much It Costs: From 21.20 Argentine pesos ($0,10).

5. Chocolates

ChocolatesPhoto Credit: Louis Hansel

Another classic to buy on any trip is chocolate. In Buenos Aires, be sure to buy one with dulce de leche filling.

How Much It Costs: From 23.05 Argentine pesos ($0,11).

6. Snacks

SnacksPhoto Credit: Arnold Antoo

Between one walk and another, it is always good to have a snack in your bag, and in the supermarkets, you will find countless options.

How Much It Costs: From 66.30 Argentine pesos ($0,32).

7. Teas

TeasPhoto Credit: Manki Kim

Argentines are fanatical about té (tea), and if you are also a tea lover, be sure to include this item in your shopping list.

How Much It Costs: From 31.70 Argentine pesos ($0,15).

*To see the price of other products it is worth checking the official website of the supermarkets mentioned in the text.

All supermarkets have e-commerce where you can check prices.

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